Superhero Day

September 10, 2022 Athens, Alabama


Dust off your cape for the 10th annual Superhero Day, September 10, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Athens Big Spring Memorial Park (Duck Pond) in Athens, Alabama. This will be the last year for the event as it is.


Community support provides free kids' activities hosted by local businesses and groups, food trucks, rented rides and inflatables, music, and SUPERHEROES! A gang of about 30-40 Heroes comes out for this event. Our Real Heroes section features law enforcement, military, fire, medical personnel, and teachers.


Don't miss the Parade of Heroes arriving at 10:30 a.m. bringing in the Superheroes. Visit the Superhero tent for storytime at 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. Join the Supers on East Street for Line Dancing at 1 p.m. Kids in costume can join the Costume Walk at 2:30 p.m. and receive a medal (while supplies last). 


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This event is free to attend with bracelets sold for the rented rides as part of the fundraiser for Eli's Block Party. Donations and sponsorships help us keep the event free to attend so that more of what we raise goes to childhood cancer.


Host a booth, be a vendor, or a sponsor. Take advantage of this opportunity to engage the community, and present your business or school or church by hosting a kids' activity booth. This is a high-energy, colorful, fun, and all-around "Super" day, so get with co-workers or friends or family and find a way to participate.


Golden Pinwheel Garden

September 1 through September 18, 2021

For childhood cancer month, we will place these pinwheels in the park as a visual exhibit of the Forty-six children that are diagnosed every day in the U.S. and the 2,000 children that die each year due to cancer. We want to create a powerful visual of 2,000 golden pinwheels to help us remember why we have Superhero Day. Please, consider helping us raise awareness of the number one killer of children by disease by sponsoring a pinwheel. The National Cancer Institute only gives 4% to childhood cancer and the American Cancer Society gives less than 1%. Help us fill the funding gap for what is needed for research.


Our Super Troupe

Our Cast of Volunteers in Capes and Tights

We are often asked about our Superhero Troupe - who they are, where they come from, how do we get them to come out, etc.


We are proud and thankful for this group of volunteers and grateful for their willingness to dress up in costume in extreme heat and take picture after picture with guests of Superhero Day. These costumes sometimes involve a unitard, (which not many people can wear even if they are willing to), or costumes with smothering latex or padding, suffocating masks, and just a variety of uncomfortable features or accessories or make-up. Of the 30-35 Superheroes, only three or four are actual cosplayers - someone whose hobby it is to dress up in a costume like a character in a book or movie. Those three are not local, but love the event and have a heart for the cause, so they are willing to drive the distance to participate each year. So, the majority of these guys and gals have no interest in the Superhero whom they are portraying, some do not even know anything about Superhero characters at all. They are just local people with a heart for the cause, willing to give of their time to make this event great by putting on that unitard and mask or by being uncomfortable in the heat. Some of our heroes have been with us since the first Superhero Day in the park, and many of the others stay on after their first event because they enjoyed their experience so much.

How do we get our Supers? They don't just show up, that's for sure! We have a Superhero Coordinator (we will call her Professor X) that worries over it most of the year. She is always on the lookout for that special Superhero doppelganger that might enjoy the event. She and her minions carefully detail the costumes, organize each Super's individual participation, communicates with the group, and pulls it all together. Our Superheroes are vetted and wear an EBP ID for Superhero Day so that guests know who represents EBP. People in costume are not allowed to walk up and join in as representing EBP as a Superhero. They must be vetted beforehand and sign our Code of Conduct agreement.

Furthermore, we only have one of each character in our troupe. It doesn’t make sense to have more than one Batman! Each year we do have holes to fill and are open to hearing about Supers that we might not have that someone might wish to portray or for which they have a cosplay-level costume. If you know of someone who is interested in portraying a Superhero for Superhero Day, please let us know. We do traditionally have a need for a Marvel SHIELD agent to walk with the parade and assist the Supers. We do not allow villains at this point (we want to celebrate the good guys).


As mentioned, almost all of our Superheroes are just volunteers and do not ordinarily dress up in costume. The Ice Queen, War Machine/Bumblebee, and Harry Potter are working Cosplayers. Many of the costumes we own, not the volunteer in the costume. We often receive requests for a Superhero/character to attend an event. We are glad to ask the volunteers if anyone is available to attend for a donation. Sometimes it works out.

Don’t miss The Supers at Superhero Day!