Sibling Survival Sacks


Cancer affects more than just the cancer child. When a child is diagnosed, worlds are turned upside down, including that of the siblings. These kids feel the stress and worry of the situation that has inflicted their home. Usually, a parent is gone with the cancer child for treatment, or the siblings become the responsibility of family members, upheaving routine daily life. Family resources, and attention are directed to the cancer child, while the siblings are expected to go to school and participate in their normal activities under abnormal circumstances. Often the siblings must go to many doctor’s appointments, sit in waiting rooms, go with babysitters, in other words, they get dragged around. Eli’s three siblings, Hannah Grace, Abbey, and Caleb know this well, and they want to reach out to other siblings enduring the same sideline. “Sibling Survival Sacks” is their own program under Eli’s Block Party designed to encourage other siblings of cancer kids. Parents of cancer kids currently in treatment with siblings between the ages of 3-16 must fill out this application form. Donations may be earmarked for this program. For more information, email us with the form below or at

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