Eli's Pony Ride

You can Win!!

We will be giving away this 2004 40th Anniversary Mustang October 13th at the Athens Sportsplex Charity car show in Athens, AL. Purchase your tickets at the show before noon. The Ford Mustang is an iconic American muscle car for which the love of and obsession for knows no bounds in age, gender, race or social status. Whether a person’s interest is vintage or modern, speed or restoration, the commonality in the love for the Mustang brings people together. Most people have a “Mustang story,” either about themselves, or a family member, or even a neighbor, or friend. We don’t know what it was about the Ford Mustang that Eli was drawn to, or what caused him to proclaim at the age of 7 that it was his favorite car. We didn’t even know that he knew what one was. Maybe he could sense the pride that surrounds its ownership and its creation. Or, maybe he had some kind of innate understanding of the simplistic strength of the Ford symbol and felt a connection to it’s most legendary member. For whatever reason, all we can really say is, it just is. As part of Eli’s legacy, the foundation plans to grow a program by which we restore a Mustang each year and put it back on the road in honor of Eli. By honoring him in this way, we will be sharing his love of Mustangs, stimulating the business of restoration, and encouraging the hobby of Mustang ownership. The money raised through the sale of these cars will go directly to pediatric brain cancer research. We hope that you will support this program through sponsorships for the projects, and help us grow it into something special and unique, just like Eli and the Mustang.

Our first car donated to us is a 2004 40th anniversary 3.9L V6. It has a rebuilt title, but it had no major mechanical issues and was a daily driver when we got it. The engine has 125,000 on it. Businesses and shops that donated supplies and labor for its restoration are: Woody Anderson Ford in Huntsville, Alabama; Mike Burnett Restorations, in Ardmore, Alabama, and Rod's Custom, in Huntsville, Alabama, and American Muscle. It is also sponsored by McClary Tire, in Athens, Alabama, and Johnstone & Pepper and Johnstone Insurance.


"May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us; establish the work of our hands for us— yes, establish the work of our hands." - Psalm 90:17

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