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Thrown into the cancer world at seven, Eli Williams would spend half his earthly life fending off the deadly disease and contributing to its future cure. We, as Eli's Block Party, are picking up Eli’s flag by raising money for innovative brain cancer research.

What We Do

Our mission is to help close the funding gap between funding received and funding needed for innovative pediatric brain cancer research.

Why We Do It

We raise money simply because the 4% of government cancer funding is not enough to fight the leading cause of death by disease in children. We do it simply because doctors in the richest country in the world should never say no to treating a child.

Where It Goes

We directly apply the funds we raise to the root of research by putting it in the hand that holds the microscope. We seek out doctors whose innovative research shows promise toward more effective treatments, and whose compassion for the patients and passion for the cause set them apart.


"May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us; establish the work of our hands for us— yes, establish the work of our hands." - Psalm 90:17

Full-throttle Fundraising in 2023

EBP has the most generous supporters, and knowing that gave us the confidence to set a lofty goal of $20k for 2023. Technically, we exceeded that goal if we count the $7k that we raised for a local family who lost their precious daughter. But, our donation available for Dr. Friedman is $18k, and we are really proud of that number for this year.


We are an all-volunteer 501c3. We fundraise all year and then empty our coffers at the end of the year with a single donation to our beneficiary. To join our efforts, make a donation. Any amount helps us close our circle!


$20,000 Goal in 2023

Supporting Dr. Greg Friedman at Children's of Alabama in 2021

The cure will be found through research. Eli's Block Party raises money for the innovative research being done by Dr. Friedman's lab. His novel approach to fighting this monster has shown increasing success and promise.


Support Sponsors that Support Childhood Cancer



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